Retrieving Service Classes

The AclBundle registeres 3 service classes in the DependencyInjection Container, the AclManager, the ClassAceManager and the ObjectAceManager.

Acl Manager

To retrieve the AclManager simply do this:

$aclManager = $container->get('projecta_acl.manager');

The AclManager has 2 public methods to retrieve the Ace Managers:

 returns the ObjectAceManager
 returns the ClassAceManager

Class/Object Ace Manager

To get one of the ACE Managers you can either use the methods manageObjectAces() and manageClassAces() (see above) or retrieve them directly from the DIC. Whatever suits your needs best.

$objectAceManager = $container->get('projecta_acl.ace.objectmanager');
$classAceManager = $container->get('projecta_acl.ace.classmanager');